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Tooth or Teeth Bonding

Bonding involves the use of a Composite Resin (tooth coloured) material to restore your teeth. When teeth become decayed, our dentists will remove the decayed layers and restore the tooth to it’s previous shape through Bonding. Composite resin materials have a high advantage over silver fillings: they “bond” to the tooth, they reduce sensitivity, and we can colour match them to your current tooth colour, or to the shade you would like them to be.

Making a filling look invisible has never been so easy!

There is a diversity to how composites can improve the quality of your oral health. The most common services provided by our office are:

  • restoring worn out, fractured, or cracked teeth;
  • filling cavities;
  • closing gaps between your teeth;
  • reshaping your front teeth;
  • whitening one or more discoloured teeth;
  • changing the way you bite.